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Meet Maria

 Behind The Human Factor 

Welcome to The Human Factor my name is Maria Cafer.  

I am a qualified HR professional,  with over 15 years experience. Working in NZ and the UK within a variety of organisations from large corporates to SMEs.

I have areas of expertise in the whole HR field, you name it I've seen it! 

I have a proven track record in turning those difficult issues into positive ones.

Motivating staff and increasing engagement within organisations

Having grown up with many tradesmen in my family from builders, plumbers and electricians,  I have an understanding of trades and have a true passion for working with staff, managers and owners.

I want to make a difference by helping you build a work environment where employees, managers and owners have an award-winning culture that achieves their goals.


I want to make this simple and effective for you with a professional, modern, and adaptable no-fuss approach.


Maria Cafer - Director